Cruising Sign-up

E-mail your contact information to Lee Diamond

[email protected]

Signup sheets are available on the cruising bulletin board located in the club house hallway next to the men's restroom.

The signup ​process will be a little different this year.

You will not be able to sign up for a cruise until one month before the event is scheduled.

This way there will be fewer changes to the cruising roster knowing your summer schedule closer to the Event.

The standard information when signing up for a cruise.

Skippers Name - Boat Name – Length – Width - Draft

Updated information will be communicated by email

Include your email address when signing up.

Funds are Allocated for each Cruise

Based on the Number of People Attending

Arrival Receptions, Cruise Socials, Breakfast … Etc.

We are Seeking Cruise Captains

To Volunteer as a Cruise Captain contact Lee Diamond

Our Cruising Co-originator Lee Diamond with the help of his Cruising Captains organize destination cruising to various clubs and locations around Lake Ontario.

Shepherding to and from destination, meet and greets when you arrive. Comradely, music, good food and libation, games, prizes and awards.